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When I was eight years old I designed my first product for sale. It was an air-car; a hover vehicle that used four powerful fans to keep it aloft and allowed it to maneuver across any terrain. After I had completed my first set of drawings, I was convinced that I could sell the concept to NASA.  All I needed was a connection. My dad, who was an aerospace engineer, was the first person I ever 'pitched' a concept to.  He politely let me know that NASA had something in the works already, but that I shouldn't stop inventing.

I am an entrepreneur and software engineer at heart.

I am passionate about the creation and execution of new ideas and products. 

I began my career in startups back in the heady days of dotcom at a tiny company called Citysearch. It was a revolutionary concept where we were going to put fantastic amounts of information on the web (which wasn't exactly mainstream in 1996). I worked countless hours, at times slept by my desk and two years later TMCS was trading on NASDAQ. Amazing. 

I have had the good fortune in my career to work with some incredibly talented and devoted people in diverse verticals; from the early days of web at Idealab / Citysearch, startup to IPO to acquisition in the nascent mobile gaming space at Jamdat Mobile to big data / machine learning as CTO at recsys company Sidebar. I've been a consulting CTO at Los Angeles based Accelerator MuckerLab and am currently heading up technology for MD Insider, a big data enabled physician performance and cost transparency startup that is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA.


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Eric and Astro

Eric and Astro