QR Codes: Now More Beautiful

I wrote a few posts back in 2010 about QR codes and why I thought they had the opportunity to deliver a big impact and shift in consumer behavior.  One of the challenges with the QR code back then - it was so, well, not pretty.

Recently as I was doing some research around implementing QR codes for a client,  I came across a company called Visuallead.  They appear to be a startup with some IP around the blending of images with QR technology.  I created the image below using their website – the QR code is a link to my website.


That’s pretty cool stuff.

I wasn’t able to find any kind of API on their site unfortunately.  Providing an API would allow for mass creation of branded images with QR.  I would expect that this kind of functionality is probably on the Visuallead roadmap as it could really crank up the volume and usage of their product.

I’m glad that a company was formed around this idea of beautification as I think it will help drive adoption and consumer acceptance of the technology.  It certainly gives QR more strength to compete with MS Tags and delivers more attractive options to those of us who want to use QR for business.