It's all about the execution

A commonly known expression - this execution bit - but it's one that never can be said enough.  The challenge is that not everyone really hears the message.

What do I mean?

An entrepreneur has this great idea - it's a game changer.  They guard their idea with a veil of secrecy until they can find the right cast of characters that they can trust to help them materialize all that's been in their head.  They go about the business of finding the right team and then it's time to get down to business - make shit happen.

A this point, it's all about the execution.  And it is precisely at this point when the new venture can begin to fail.  It can happen that fast.

By now we all know:

Be laser focused.

Talk to your customer.

Get feedback.

Adjust your plan.

Rinse and repeat.

BUT - Along the way there have to be communication channels built within this tiny group of doers such that everyone is in the know.  Everyone needs to feel plugged in.

Engineering needs to know what the customers are looking for.  

Sales needs to know when features are going to be complete.  

Business development needs to know the markets to approach.  

And all this doesn't just happen.  There needs to be a plan.  Ad hoc can suit some situations but get organized and make certain that you don't build silos of information at the onset of your new venture's formation.  These walls of impedance are too difficult to navigate and break down whilst concomitantly creating a culture of protectionism and suspicion.  This is bad.  Very bad.

Whatever tools you choose to implement your teams communication - be it online, email, meetings, whatever - make that effort stick.  You'll be better for it.