Quantified Self: The Most Interesting Big Data

I like data.  It is one of the keys to unlocking success at whatever you want to master. What if the thing you want to master is your health?  Seems like you'd want to have as much data on you as possible.  Right?

Cool Data Products

Armed with timely, relevant information you should be able make the adjustments in your habits to achieve that winning formula. I've been using a few products for the past year and have found them to be simple, unobtrusive and convenient enough to use on a regular basis.

Jawbone UP

Jawbone UP application

Jawbone UP application

I was looking for a way to capture the as many data elements as possible from one platform when I found the Jawbone UP.  The UP has an app for viewing and entering data as well as a wristband that you almost never remove (except for data downloads and charging) which captures data as you go about your day.  Sleep, daily activity and food consumption are all managed via the UP.  

The only thing missing that I would like to see is heart rate monitoring. I see this as invaluable data that should be captured all day long.  I am aware of a wristwatch called Basis that monitors daily heart rate but I only have so much real estate on my person for such things. Perhaps when that product sees a few more development cycles I'll give it a try.


Next on my list was the collection of data about weight, lean mass and fat mass.  I wanted a device that was Wi-Fi connected so I could have data automatically sent to an app / online service.  The Wi-Fi Body Scale fit the bill and also nicely integrates with many partner fitness applications and web sites. 

Happily Withings also makes a blood pressure monitor which sends its data to the same web site and mobile app.

Data and You

Its a fascinating study to witness how fine tuning various elements from diet, exercise and sleep can have such a positive and profound effect on your daily performance. That tuning can't take place without data - and what data could be more interesting than your own?