New Relic Goodness

Send deployment information directly to New Relic via HTTP.

Ever wish you knew what impact a new deployment had on your web app and when?  Trying to keep track of deployments (especially in a continuous deployment environment) can be error prone and tedious.  Why not just send those details automatically to New Relic?  You can - check it out from the New Relic site:

To notify New Relic of a deployment, you can POST to

and add the API key as a header

x-api-key: 8d00e2869400597af4a114d31789088e3724f391f287a4c

To use the API Key turn on API access in your account integration settings.

This example uses the application id.  If you were to specify the optional description, revision, changelog, and user fields, the curl command would look like this: