Remove First Part of a Column Value

Let's say you have some values in your MySQL database that look like this:


You want to to remove the first bit in a bulk process (the a_180.0/) and you don't want to have to write a 10 line Python script.  Well then, do it in good 'ol SQL.

Table: event_photo, Column: original_image_id

 UPDATE event_photo SET original_image_id = TRIM(LEADING 'a_180.0/' FROM original_image_id);

If you want to remove the .jpg part of the column value you can do this:

UPDATE event_photo SET original_image_id = TRIM(TRAILING '.jpg' FROM original_image_id);

If you have spaces in the front or back of the value and you want to remove those just do this:

UPDATE event_photo SET original_image_id = TRIM(original_image_id);

Drop a Foreign Key in MySQL

Fiddling with the removal of a foreign key in MySQL can drive an engineer mad.  In order to remove the key you must use the name of the constraint in the drop statement - not the name of the index.

The show command lists out the DDL for the table, including the created foreign keys:

mysql> show create table t1;


You can then issue the drop command with the name of the constraint (yeah, not really intuitive)

mysql> alter table t1 drop foreign key MY_TABLE_FK05;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.03 sec)
Records: 0  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0